Yamaha Scorpio

Yamaha Scorpio Specification :


* Type of engine Yamaha Scorpio is 4 steps.
* SOHC air-conditioned with steps x diameter: 70 x 58 mm.
* Volume-cylinder: 223 cm and Comparison Compression: 9.5: 1
* The order cylinder Single Portrait
* Type and electric System DC-CDI.
* Manual clutch is a 5-speed Optical Transmission and Optical Pattern Operation: 1-N-2-3-4-5.
* Rem front is double-piston disc brakes, while the back Tromol.
* Dimensions: PxLxT: 2020 x 770 x 1090 mm.
* Starter System: Kick & Electric.
* Maximum Power: 19 RPM PS/8.000
* Torsion Maximum: 1.86 kgf.m/6.500 RPM.
* Tank capacity: 12 - 14 liters.

Second generation: 12 liters.
Third Generation: 13.5 liters.
Fourth generation: 14 liters.
Fifth Generation: 13 liters.

Weight chasis / frame is 125 kg with Type Double Cradle.
* The distance axis is 1295 mm Wheel and the distance to the ground 165 mm
* Sit High Places is 770 mm.
* Muffler: 5BP

First generation: 5BP2
Second generation: 5BP4
Third generation: 5BP4
Fourth generation: 5BP6
Fifth Generation: 5BP6

Yamaha Scorpio modifiedYamaha Scorpio Modified

Yamaha Scorpio
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