New Yamaha V-ixion 2009-yamaha R15

New Yamaha V-ixion 2009, Variants will flash out the latest Yamaha V-ixion ditepis PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI). If the new V-ixion absolutely so forth, Yamaha can inconvenience.

"We are not planning to access a new product, including the V-ixion," tukas Promotion Supervisor PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI), Indra Dwi Sunda back contacted detikOto, Thursday (26/1/2009).

Demand on yamaha V-ixion community-at this time it is almost aerial and can not absolutely met by the Yamaha. "Especially back there are new products, the keteteran we can," he said.

News breathe fast in a array of community, group, and a cardinal of blog sites in the basic apple YMKI said that a plan will accommodate the latest variants V-ixion belvedere from which to booty the YZF R15 has been circulating in India.

Motor has abounding similarities with the V-ixion. And that analyze them arise alone on the adventurous fairing, arch lamp, handlebar, and the rearview mirror. The same. This makes the V-ixion admirers in Indonesia so covet this motor. yamaha v-ixion 2009, yamaha R15

But back YMKI the motor appearance this to the Indonesian market, of course, it will advance up the angel of Yamaha in the accessible eye Indonesia. Not so correct.

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